Landscapes that remain in constant motion; objects that seem to speak like subjects; a meaning that implies itself, only to elude comprehension; an exterior that transmutes into an interior; traces, tracks and referrals without any answers—Samual Schaab’s works evoke, within the gaze, a ceaselessly changing oscillation between the contradistinctions exposed as such, though long before constructed and now abstracted, within the space. Instead, however, of merely establishing differences anew, he creeps into the narrow spaces between their categories and makes their qualities and modes of effectuality tangible within the field of tension that emerges between the poles of duality. Though, conceptually, difference may well provide the source material, as it were, it is precisely difference that is deconstructed and, staged much in the manner of reversible image illusions, shifted into a kind of vibration, in which the sharp contours of what appeared to be contradistinctions begin to blur. Through evasion strategies, searches, simulation and capitulation, reduction techniques and blank tests, along with the effects of overexposure, static noise and duplication, stereotype allocations acquire new values.

The space, its objects, and the relationships thus emerging are allowed, now liberated from their attributed qualities, to evolve in new ways. Encapsulated energies emancipate themselves. This all results in a restructuring; new formations are engendered, and a potential space for transfer and transformation emerges—a space of possibilities, located before the (already known and expected) space. Exposed on location and liberated from semantics, the communications of the elements present displace perception and allocation within a permanent process of reading and writing their own grammars.

Gabrielle Cram

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1981 geboren in Starnberg (D)
lebt und arbeitet in Wien

2002 – 2003 Studium d. Kunstgeschichte an der Ludwig Maximilians Universität München
2003 – 2006 Studium der Mediengestaltung an der Universität f. angew. Kunst Wien bei Bernhard Leitner
2006 – 2009 Studium der Multimedia und Plastik an der Universität f. angew. Kunst Wien bei Erwin Wurm (Diplom)

2010 Gründung von Kollekiv Rauschen gmeinsam mit M.Taxacher, S.Bauer, C.Schröder
2012 Gründung von Rauschen Space / Raum f. Sound & Kunst


Ausstellungen und Projekte (Auswahl, 2010 - 2017)
Repeat All, unttld contemporary, Wien (A) (solo)2016
White Black Out, das weisse haus, Wien (A) (solo)

Random thoughts of a daily light, Kunstverein d. weisse Haus, Wien (A)

Ventifacts, Soulangh Art Center, Jiali (TWN)
Zirkulationen, Sammlung Friedrichshof, Zurndorf, Burgenland / Stadtraum Wien (solo) (A)
Die technische Rundschau 2014, altes Messnerhaus, Himmelberg (A)
In der Kubatur d. Kabinetts, Fluc ,Wien (A)
Tanz an der Kante, alte Braunviehalle Achselschwang (D)
Artist in residence, Hospiz Hotel St.Christoph, Arlberg (A)
Supper Club, Tba21 Wien, Performance, Kollektiv Rauschen, Tba21 Augarten (A)
„Erwartungen„ Lange Nacht der Museen, Kollektiv Rauschen, Fabrika Moskau (RUS)
Places of Power, Soundinstallation f.den österr. Pavillion, Architektur Biennale Venedig (IT)

Alpha60, Klangmanifeste Wien, Kollektiv Rauschen, Echoraum,Wien (A)
Raumgrammatik, Alte Braunviehalle, Axelschwang (D)
Schritt für Schritt, Galerie 5020, Salzburg (A)
Grosse Trommel keine Lösung, bb15, Linz (A) (solo)
Psychodrom, Sound-Perfromance, Brut Proberäume, Wien (A)

Silvretta Atelier 2012, Bieler Höhe, Montafon (A)
BYOB, Moe, Wien (A)
Expansion / Kollision , Bel Etage, Wien (A)
Entrapment, The Morning Line, Tba21, Schwarzenbergplatz, Wien (A)
Land.Schafft, Kunstforum Montafon, Montafon (A)
Ground Control , Kunsthaus Mürzzuschlag, Mürzzuschlag (A)
Display Praterstern, Fluc, Kunst im öffentl. Raum, Wien (A)

RIL | sound, space + time, XBunker, Sondergorg (DEN)
Immersive Surfaces , Dumbo Arts Festival , New York (USA)
16. KomponistInnenforum Mittersill „MUSIK?“, Kofomi Mitterstill (A)
BYOB, Magazin Vienna, Wien (A)

Gang, Hoffmann-Hotter-Schaab, Schauspielhaus Wien (A)
Rauschen, Freies Museum Berlin, Berlin (D)
Wald, Akademiegalerie, mit B.Goossens, München (D)
A dark love poem, schuebbe projects, Düsseldorf (D)