Welturaufführung | Caroline Heider | 26`47„ Joseph Haydn, Op. 76, No. 3, Emperor Quartet – Folding

Dieses Projekt wird an drei verschiedenen Tagen in ORF III ausgestrahlt:

6. September 2015, 22:30
7. September 2015 05:30
11. September 2015  22:30

Joseph Haydn composed the Emperor Quartet for Emperor Francis II. It was a hymn for a populace made up of many different nations. Today, we are again working on a greater unification, on a transnational Europe, confronted with problems of translation and the values of different identities, rooted deeply in the various regions.

Caroline Heider has conducted an experiment: What happens when a mistake is slipped into the score of the Emperor Quartet – so key to the formation of our identity – made by folding a crease into the notes? Does it cause irreversible errors of interpretation, or can such a slight change actually be an opportunity, as has occurred throughout the history of evolution? A programmed trial and error? Caroline Heider’s strategy is to bring things together that don’t otherwise fit.

The company guard of the Austrian Military act and react to standard orders. Edited and set to the rhythm of the Emperor Quartet Folding, recordings of their movements seem like a ballet. They are the representatives of this nation. By separating the actions from their actual purpose and from the original soundtrack, the movement patterns and gestures are brought into the focus of the viewer.

Interpretation: Hugo Wolf Quartett /Sebastian Gürtler (Violine), Régis Bringolf (Violine), Thomas Selditz (Viola), Florian Berner (Violoncello)
Acting: Guard of Austrian Armed Forces

Concept: Caroline Heider // Assistent: Linda Reif //Cinematography: Olga Pohankova, Michael Schindegger, Caroline Heider //Editing: Caroline Heider //Sound: Peter Kutin //Location Sound:  Vinzenz Schwab //Productionassistant: Linus Barta //Catering: David Gansterer //ORFIII Color-Grading /Postproduction: Christoffer Koller //ORF III Progammcurator: Judith Revers