STREULICHT Release Issue #4

Freitag, 23. Mai 2014
19.00 bis 21.00 Uhr
Secession Wien
Friedrichstrasse 12, 1010 Wien

mit einem Beitrag von Caroline Heider

STREULICHT is the German term for light that reflects off of rough surfaces causing it to diffuse and desperse. In photography this effect brightens shadows and reduces overall contrast.
The idea of diffusion as a thought experiment and conceptual space for the medium of photography is the impetus for initiating this publication. Analysis of discursive and medial
manifestations of all facets of photography – and those that border on them – are the essence of Streulicht. In contrast to conventional photography publications and
periodicals, this magazine furthermore operates as an exhibition platform, manifesting itself within the photographic visual practice. Through the marriage of theory and artistic practice we have come to recognize photography as cultural technology. This dialogic structure (theory/practice 1:2) constitutes the lens through which we view the pictorial world without fracture or
stagnation, thus keeping the border between textual and visual contributions permeable. The structure should moreover facilitate contributors unique approaches to the formulation
of thoughts with pictures and vice versa. What is the perception of contemporary image production by means of photography and its related matters? From the perspective of visual culture this poses as the central question, one that can and should be treated in a decidedly subjective and individualistic manner. Each issue will shine a light
on a dedicated theme from unique perspectives be it head on, or diffuse STREULICHT.