Sofia Goscinskis „Without Head“ @ Josée Bienvenu Gallery

Der 15. April 2016 bietet die letzte Gelegenheit Sofia Goscinskis Performance-Video „Without Head“ im Rahmen der Video-Screening-Reihe My Father Avoids the Sirens’ Song (kuratiert von Berta Sichel) in der Josée Bienvenu Gallery zu sehen.

„My Father Avoids the Sirens’ Song includes 21 works by 12 artists from Europe and Latin America who are performing – though almost none of them see themselves as performance artists– the ballad of their laugh, the blues of their cry, the rhyme of their autonomy, the song of their jouissance. The performative acts by the artists selected for My Father Avoids the Sirens’ Song, whether inspired by established Body Art, by political and social activism, or conceived as delegate performance, manifest their artistic imagination, while the sound of their voices no longer destroys but calls for the transformation.“ (Berta Sichel)

Josée Bienvenu Gallery
529 W 20th Street
New York City 10011