Alwin Lay – BLEK#14 @ Mumok


5 Dezember 2019
Donnerstag, 18 Uhr

Authoren: Sascha Herrmann, Alwin Lay
Typographie: Paul Bowler
Produktion: MB Druck + Werbung
Format: 13 × 8 cm
Edition: 100
BLEK Präsentation
mumok library

museum moderner kunst
stiftung ludwig wien
Museumsplatz 1
A–1070 Vienna

Once a month the mumok library is presenting artist books and limited editions in the series Kunst | Buch | Donnerstag. The individual contributions are presented by the artists themselves.

Since 2014, the artist group BLEK investigates publishing as an artistic practice. BLEK was founded by Sascha Herrmann, Patrick Knuchel and Alwin Lay and presents the results of its artistic practice in the context of exhibitions, lectures and fairs. BLEK treats the book as an exhibition medium, as a curatorial event, which weaves together the function and meaning of photography and typography and thus puts into question the perceptual structures of exhibitions.