Although the meticulously staged artworks of 1984 born artist Alwin Lay are especially founded in the medium of video, photography and installation, a sculptural origin cannot be denied. Even so, Lay’s works are not a mere reflection of the relationship between photographed image and sculpture as they deliberately play with intuitive expectations that form the contexts of our everyday experiences. Similar to the methods of a magician, Lay uses these everyday situations as a foundation for the manipulation of their physical, temporal and aesthetic laws. The result is an array of strange or absurd, humoristic interludes. Lay intentionally creates seemingly surreal moments and sequences, in which antecedents and anticipated outcomes are interrupted by narrative vacancies. At the same time Alwin Lay’s simulations create a space of contemporarneity in which the beholder can only linger and experience the present moment.

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Alwin Lay


*1984 in Lugosch (Romania)

lives and works in Cologne, Germany


Exhibitions (selections)



„Next Generations“ – Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen, Leverkusen (DE)


Museumslandschaft Wilhelm Busch, Wiedensahl (DE)

Shotspotter 2 – Blurry Boundaries, Kosemtiksalon Babettes, Berlin (DE)

Freinds, Munich (DE)

Klassentreffen, MUMOK Vienna, Vienna (A)

Schichtwechsel. Kunst und Kohle, Museum Ostwall, Dortmund (DE)

Gute Aussichten-Deluxe, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Hamburg (DE)



Latest Releases, Unttld Contemporary, Vienna (A) (solo)

Ausstellung des Stipendiums Villa Aurora, Fuhrwerkswaage, Cologne (DE) (solo)

Gallery Thomas Erben, New York (USA)

Videonale 16, Kunstmuseum Bonn (DE)

Rumors of Glory, Basis, Frankfurt (DE)



Der entscheidende Augenblick musste verschoben werde, Kunstverein Leipzig (DE) (solo)

Never Leave Me, On Stellar Rays, New York (USA)

What birds can see, Document, Chicago (USA)

Boom in Frame, Rain on Lens, Galerie Natalia Hug, Cologne (DE)



COMING SOON, NAK- Neuer Aachener Kunstverein (DE) (solo)

Prospecition#5, Galerie Natalia Hug, Cologne (DE) (solo)

Junger Westen, Kunsthalle Recklinghausen (DE)

Timisora Art Encounter, Timisora (ROM)

and in the meantime a latte macchiato, Kunsthalle Münster (DE)

Expanding Photography, Ausstellungshalle Haverkamp, Münster (DE)

Artist against Aids, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn (DE)

Irony, EMAF, Kunsthalle Osnarbrück (DE)



COMING SOON, SSZ-SUED, Cologne (DE) (solo)

The Wavering Stage (mit Lorelinde Verhees), Q18, Cologne (DE) (solo)

Max Ernst Museum, Brühl (DE) (solo)

CORAL BRUSH NODE, Fourteen30 Contemporary, Portland Oregon (USA)

Gute Aussichten - Junge Deutsche Fotografie, Haus der Photographie, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (DE)

Gute Aussichten - Junge Deutsche Fotografie, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (DE)