Samuel Schaab @ Bank Austria Kunstforum

Samuel Schaab @ Bank Austria Kunstforum Tresor Wien

“Now. collected #9/#10”

Group exhibition
Opening: 19.02. 2020
Exhibition: 20.02. – 13.04. 2020

Since 2011 the exhibition format collected in the tresor of the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien has been presenting the Bank Austria art collection from diverse thematic points of view. As a grand finale, a show will be presented that highlights the visual impact today of an emerging preoccupation with the photographic medium in a wider sense. The exhibition focuses on positions of artists in relation to Vienna and shows the versatile ways that photography can be used in current artistic practice.

with works by Olivia Coeln | Birgit Graschopf | Katharina Gruzei | Barbara Hainz | Hanakam & Schuller | Martin Hotter | Jun Yang | Barbara Kapusta | Ulrike Königshofer | Niklas Lichti | Nana Mandl | Olena Newkryta | Stefan Reiterer | Valentin Ruhry | Samuel Schaab | Liddy Scheffknecht | Marina Sula | Sophia Süßmilch | Sophie Thun | Kay Walkowiak

Curators: Bettina M. Busse and Veronika Rudorfer