ROXANE BORUJERDI | Ein Tiger in meinem Garten

The formal repertoire of Roxane Borujerdis work ranges from nature, picture books, magazines, children´s games, common symbolism, simple geometric figures – things from everyday’s life. These aspects make her artwork immediately accessible and thus both – familiar and peregrine.

The artistic vocabulary is reduced. Triangles, circles, curves, lines, rectangles, fruits, birds and plants are the main elements in Roxane Borujerdis artworks.
From a basic corpus of signs and colors, the artist redistributes the formal elements between different media types and different states, reconfigures from the bidimensional plan to the threedimensional space, brings everything to a endless circulation.

Text: Anne Faucheret
Anne Faucheret was born in 1981 in France. She currently works at Kunsthalle Vienna.